There is a one off registration or deposit (funding) fee of £25 which covers the administration costs. You do not pay a deposit if
you are accessing the 2 year old funding.

The hourly rates are as follows. (Between 7.45 - 4.30pm)
You just work out the hours you require and multiply by the rate below.
Children aged 2 - under 3yrs £6.20  (from September 2020)
Children aged 3yrs and over £5.50  (from September 2020)

Playgroup Sessions
These sessions are for the younger children who attend for the social aspect for a short period. Minimum  2 ½ hr session.
Morning sessions 9 - 12 9.30 - 12
The start times are negotiable but the finishing time is 12 o’clock. If you wish to extend your finishing time the
earliest time will be 2pm.

Afternoon sessions 12.45 - 3/3.30/45 1 - 3.3045          1 -  4
These finishing times are negotiable but the earliest start time is 12.45 pm.

There is an extra cost of 30p per session for snack and 50p for breakfast. This covers the cost of  bread, cheese, cucumber,
fruit and cereal.

All fees are paid monthly in advance at the beginning of the month. Fees must be paid if children are absent for a short period
of time or on holiday. Certain employers offer voucher schemes which Bow lane Pre-school will accept. With settling in
sessions parents are charged from the point of their child having one to one sessions with their key person.

You can also pay the fees via online banking
You are eligible for the 2/3/4 year Early Education Funding (15/30 hours) the term after your child’s second/third
birthday. This can be used in the pre-school to fund 15/30 hours.
If you take up the government free funding there is an additional one off charge of £25 which is for your child’s learning journey
(n/a to 2 year funding). This can be offset against the deposit paid.

Wrap-a-round- Charges will include staffs time to and from Hatfeild and St John fisher nurseries.
The times are as follows.
Hatfeild - £2.00
St John Fisher - £4.00

If you are using your additional 15 hours of funding please see the delivery model for pick up/drop off costs.

Bow Lane Pre-school
Bowlane Pre-school is now open but operating with reduced places in line with government guidlines..
Please call if you want your child to return as places are allocated on a priority basis
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